Marauder Special, Spring 2006

I have sent this "special" edition of the Old Crusader to all who were connected with the Marauder in 14 Squadron service for three reasons:

1. To show that, despite the lack of coverage of wartime stories in recent issues of the Old Crusader - I do still care about you!

2. I hope that you might be able to help identify those depicted in the photographs or give further information about the aircraft.

3. To persuade those of you who have not done so to share the contents of photo albums with me. Thought for the day - wouldn't it be great if we could have a photographic record of every Marauder crew?

I have printed all the "crew" photographs of Marauder crews that I have in the Association's archive. I am able to identify most of the personnel, but as you will see there are still gaps, and indeed there are three photos where I am at a complete loss. The list of Marauders is the best I can do having cross referenced the F540 (Squadron war diary at the Public Record Office) with list which Joe Lowder sent me (I think from the book B26 at War), a list of USAAF aircraft serial nos, entries in Winged Promises, and extracts from the personal logbooks of some of you. I have very little information on non-operational losses, hence some question marks remaining - so if you can help fill the gaps I'd be very grateful!

I have also asked some questions (see later pages) about the colour schemes of the Squadron's Marauders. I really would appreciate any information at all about the Squadron's personnel and aircraft. I do not limit this to the Marauder and those involved with them, but include all types - I have limited this issue to the Marauder because that is the area in which I have the most information and photographs!

And groundcrew members - I know that I've only included pictures of the aircrew in this issue, but don't worry I haven't forgotten about you - I've a stack of photos that need identifying, so expect a "Groundcrew Supplement" sometime!

Maydwell's crew 1943:

L to R: Wg Cdr WSG "Dick Maydwell", Fg Off John F Kennedy (nav), Bob Sutton (Wop), Bill Pratt (2nd pilot), Titch Locker (turret gunner), Gil Graham (tail gunner)

Donovan's crew 1943:

L to R: John Stuart, Paddy Reid, George Collins, Tony de Yarborough-Bateson, Dick Slatcher, Teddy Donovan

Owen Phillips' crew 1943:

4th from left - Owen Phillips, Far right - Alan Robertson (RAAF - observer).

Others in the crew (but positions on this photo unknown): Sgt BG Foster, F/Sgt R Osborne, F/Sgt GA Mackie, F/Sgt JFH Scott

Collier's crew 1944:

Back, L to R: W/O Jimmy Collier, Sgt J Brashaw, Sgt McKenna

Front L to R: Sgt "Titch" Eyre, F/Sgt R Duke, Sgt Climpson

Eagle's crew May 1944:

L to R: J Dickson (?) HG Andrews, C Leslie (?), Des Eagle, Bill Japp **(?), Teddy Tolman.

**originally identified as Penny Entwhistle, but this does not agree with F540

Yelloly's crew, 1944:

L to R: Mitchell (turret gunner) Norman Monhinnic (W/Op), Frank Keith (nav), Taffy Bale (tail gunner), Yelloly (captain), Smith (2nd pilot)

Mailer's crew 1944:

Back Lto R: Sgt Peter Henry (2nd pilot), W/O Bill Mailer, F/Sgt Paulger (tail gunner)

Front L to R: W/O Bushey Stewart (W/Op), W/O Art Hanson (nav), W/O Pat O'Carrol (turret gunner)

Gellatly's crew, Mar 1944:

L to R: Dick Slatcher (W/Op), Ted Stringer, Ron Gelletly, Watts (2nd pilot), Titch Laidlaw, Harris

Robertson's crew, Sep 1944:

Back, L to R: F/O Ingham (AG), F/O John Robertson, W/O Ivor Duffel (2nd pilot)

Front L to R: W/O Hanks (nav), P/O Harris (AG), F/Sgt Murray (W/Op)

Hornby's crew, Sep 1944:

L to R: Lionel Copp (nav), Tiger Hoare DFC (2nd pilot), Chuff Hornby AFM, KEJ Williams (tail gunner), George Unsworth (turret gunner), Joe Lowder (W/Op)

Holland's crew, 1944:

Back L-R: F/Sgt MW Holland (NZ), Sgt A Mackenzie (?), F/Sgt George Geddes (Aus)

Front L-R: Sgt GS Smith (?), F/Sgt Joe Mudie, F/Sgt KJ Taylor (?)

Macdonald's crew, Mar 1944:

Back L-R: F/Sgt CM Peedom (nav), F/O Bill Macdonald, F/O JW Lewis (2nd pilot)

Front L-R: F/Sgt FR Lamond (AG), F/Sgt MT Woods (AG), F/Sgt R Lanham (W/Op)

All killed on 29 Mar 1944 off Mataro, Spain.

Brummer's crew, 1944:

L-R Lt Brummer (SAAF), Sgt Flack, Sgt Heath, Sgt Martin.

Killed 26 Aug 1944, off NW Sardinia.

O'Connor's Blenheim crew:

L-R Gannan (Wop/AG) Neil O'Connor, Buckland (nav).

They were joined by Alfred Hundley (right) on Marauders.

Basil Yarwood and MacLean in front of a Blenheim

both killed in a Marauder at Milos harbour 21 Feb 1943

Wg Cdr Maydwell and Australian members of 14 Sqn, 1943:

Back L-R: F/O Maurie Coath, F/O Scott-Murray, Dick Maydwell, F/O Frosty Colman, F/O Johnson

Front L-R: F/Sgt Bill Cavanagh, unknown, F/Sgt Fred Parker

Unknown Marauder Crew c1944 - someone must remember them! This photo came from Dick Slatcher

Unknown Air or Groundcrew c1943:

Any ideas? This photo came from Alan Robertson

Unknown Marauder Crew, Bone 1943:

Any ideas? Possibly Bill Meredith far left. This photo came from Ron Dawson


Marauder Markings Mystery

Two shots of different aircraft, probably at Blida. Note the USAAF "star and bar" on upper left wing surface of one, and RAF roundel on rear right fuselage of the other. I suspect that the numbers 978 are on the inboard leading edge of the left wing identify this a/c as B26B-3-MA, serial 117978 "Flak Eater" which was used extensively by 14 Squadron. Anybody got any ideas about the colour scheme or markings?


If you can help identify any of the unknowns, or confirm any of the question marks, please let me know. And any other information/photographs gratefully received!

Also, can you help me determine the camouflage and markings worn by Squadron aircraft? It is very difficult to tell from black & white photographs! Were the aircraft finished in a "desert" camouflage (light & dark brown) as reported in some places, or a grey/green scheme, as reported elsewhere? Or are both schemes correct at different times? And what about the B26Bs on "loan" from the USAAF? What colour were they? Also Squadron letters - dark (black?) in some photos, mid-tone (red?) in others, or light (yellow?) in yet other black & white photos. Answers, please!


Marauder Special Edition

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